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Sign the petition.

Please read all steps carefully before signing!

The only way to sign this petition is with a 'wet' signature. This means you have to download, print, sign, and mail it.

Study the Talking Points for answers to questions you might encounter.


Download and print the petition packets
Print and staple all pages. Do not crop, shrink, or change the sizes at all. Print at 100% scale. Double-sided is OK.


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  • What’s a citizen-driven ballot initiative?
    A citizen-driven ballot initiative allows the public to change state law by collecting signatures from voters in support of the change. When the required number of signatures is collected, the proposal is placed on a ballot so that citizens can vote to approve (Yes) or reject (No) the initiative. We are working hard to raise the funds needed to collect 1M signatures, so we can put TREAT on the California November 2024 ballot.
  • Will TREAT California legalize psychedelic medicines?
    TREAT California will not legalize or decriminalize these medicines directly. It will provide funding to run clinical trials to determine safety, efficacy, and appropriate indications for mental health issues, addiction, pain, and more. Once approved by the FDA, these medicines will be administered by a licensed therapist in a supervised setting.
  • How much will it cost?
    To carry out the research needed to get FDA-approval for these therapies, and to deliver them safely and ethically to the millions who struggle with mental health and addiction, we estimate that it will cost $5B. This includes: research studies training of therapists medicines staff licenses access public education, and more.
  • What is the TREAT Institute?
    When the TREAT California Act is approved on November 5, 2024, the TREAT Institute will be created. This institute will be a state agency, funded with $5B for research and access to psychedelic medicines. The TREAT Institute will be the first granting agency focused on psychedelic medicines for all. It will work with the public, top experts, key opinion leaders, wisdom keepers, and local, state, and national lawmakers to safely and ethically provide therapies to millions in need and reduce the state’s healthcare costs by billions of dollars every year.
  • How will the program be paid for?
    This new state agency, the TREAT Institute will be funded by the sale of bonds. When Californians pass a bond initiative, they give the state permission to borrow money to pay for the project outlined in the initiative (like school renovations, for example). The state does this by selling bonds to investors. This raises funds in a way that minimizes state costs and delays repayment. This is NOT a tax increase.
  • How can I sign the petition to put psychedelic medicines on the 2024 ballot?
    You can sign our petition here.
  • How will these therapies reduce costs?
    The costs to California associated with mental health, including addiction, are staggering. Psychedelic-assisted therapy has the potential to save tens of billions annually. The estimated cost to California for substance misuse alone is more than $95B each year and is expected to continue to increase. Even a small 10% cost decrease for treating just this one condition would save the state of California nearly $9.5B every year. By investing in effective addiction treatment and support services, the state can improve the health and wellbeing of its residents while also boosting economic growth and reducing the burden on taxpayers.
  • Does this mean there would be people walking or driving while under the influence of LSD or similar substances?
    No, the TREAT Institute will ensure safety by limiting access and administering these medicines only in supervised settings by professionals. They won't be available at pharmacies or dispensaries until more is known about their safety, and they will be approved only for specific mental health conditions.
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